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Caliber is a free online multiplayer third-person tactical shooter developed by 1C Game Studios and launched in 2019 by Wargaming.net for PC. The game provides both new and experienced players with multiple methods to participate in combat and ways to customize and advance as an operator.

Read our Caliber review to learn more about the game mechanics, system requirements and plot to start playing the game today.

Caliber Gameplay

The Caliber gameplay is built around tactical cooperation between players who take on the roles of four operators in various roles. Each operator possesses a distinct collection of skills, tools, and weaponry. As one of the most tactical shooters, the game features a wide variety of characters, multiple game modes, and a large number of cooperative missions.

The Aim Of The Game

The game’s main goal is to achieve victory and caliber by eliminating the opposing team and taking control of the map by capturing the control point. Keep in mind that Special Forces operatives may have unique mixes of skills and limitations. Therefore, to complete all Caliber missions and gain victory, it is crucial to know the weaknesses of each player.

Game Plot And Characters

As was mentioned earlier, the team that eliminates the entire enemy detachment wins the Caliber game. Therefore, having a good grasp of the current circumstance and effective teamwork among all squad members are essential for success.

Once you create a game account, you are required to assemble your team and choose your role. There are only four players on each team in combat, and they are in charge of operators. This implies that every player had a significant impact on the outcome. All operators are separated into four classes – Assault, Medic, Support, and Marksman:

  1. Assault. This squad member moves around the battlefield the most and eliminates hazardous opponents on the line of contact and in the rear.
  2. Medic. They are frequently crucial to the mission’s success as they heal the injured and defenceless.
  3. Marksman. This team member is most independent and eliminates threatening foes at a distance.
  4. Support. This fighter is robust and well-armed. They decrease the harm taken by their allies and protect their team.

Each operator has five fundamental characteristics – Damage, Mobility, Control, Toughness, and Utility in addition to a primary and secondary weapon, as well as special equipment (mine, grenade, smoke bomb, drone, shotgun, etc.).

Furthermore, Caliber game players can select which special forces unit they will join during the game, with options including the Polish GROM, the Russian Specnaz, the American Navy SEALs, and German Kommando Spezialkräfte. All the equipment and uniforms have been meticulously recreated.

Game Modes

Caliber is an online multiplayer game that supports different battle formats: 

  • PvP battles allow players to participate in competitive matches for two 4 vs 4 squads in the Showdown and Hacking game modes.
  • PvE battles require players to complete missions in the Clearing and Special Operations game modes. Players are fighting in combat matches against artificial intelligence.
  • PvPvE fights imply 4 players fighting against 4 enemy players and aggressive AI opponents in the Frontline game mode.

Main Plot Of The Game

Caliber multiplayer is an online shooter that places a strong emphasis on team tactics and communication rather than quick reflexes and individual players’ abilities. There are four character classes, each with its own role in the team as well as its own set of equipment and characteristics.

Considering that Caliber is a tactical game, solid team work is essential for the victory, as some team fighters may have a lot of ammo and at the same time not be quite mobile. Or, they may be very effective at long ranges and weak up close. 

By progressing through the map, players must collect resources and use them wisely since they are replenished at the end of the entire battle, not at the end of each level. To refill their ammo, players need to use special boxes that are located at certain map points. During the battle, these boxes take up to 5 minutes to restore. Moreover, players have a stamina as a stat, which is spent when players use their abilities or sprint.

The main object on the map is the control point that is meant to be captured by one of the competing teams. Furthermore, it includes destructible objects that, once damaged, remain destroyed throughout the battle. Players may damage these objects with bullets or heavy weaponry. 

The main battle mode of the Caliber game is PvP. Every fight lasts until one team wins three times. Each operator has only one life, but to end the enemy, it is necessary to risk and finish the opponent with a melee weapon like a knife. If you refuse, your opponent is considered disabled and can be recovered.

If you are a fan of PvE mode, it is better to choose another shooter. Here PvE does not have a solid story so that the gaming experience will be poor. PvE battles take a maximum of 30 minutes of the entire gameplay.

Caliber In-Game Purchases

Caliber is an online, free-to-play game. Although, players can buy a subscription and register a premium account on the official game website. Such service costs about $10 per month and allows you to speed up the progression process in the game. 

In-Game Currency And What To Use It For

The majority of game microtransactions are made with real money. The in-game store features multiple special offers that come as a set of elements crucial to the game progression, including credits, coins, premium account availability for a certain amount of days, boosters, etc. Based on chosen special offer, proves range from $0.99 to $82.99. In addition, with real money, players may buy bundles, outfits and skins, and coins. 

The only virtual currency available in Caliber is Credits that players collect by participating in combat missions and battles, but mostly for completing Daily and Weekly Objectives. Credits can be spent to refill player’s stamina, receive more experience points for the characters’ skills development and upgrade player’s primary and secondary weaponry.

Loot Boxes And Rewards

Every player who registers with a game will be credited Podunk HQ background, 50,000 credits, and a loot box with the new Backache emote for all operators. By completing daily, training, and weekly objectives, players receive XP points that they may later redeem for Credits and other lucrative rewards.

Where To Play Caliber

Even though Caliber is a legit game that is rapidly gaining popularity, it is not available on the biggest video game distribution platforms such as Steam or Epic games. However, players may easily access the game via the official website of the game using a PC. Moreover, the game may be found on a few cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, and Xbox Cloud.

Caliber is not a cross-platform game, therefore, there is no cross-play available. 

System Requirements

OSWindows 7 64 bitWindows 7 or 10, 64 bit
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GT 520 or better NVIDIA GeForce GT 960 or better
Free Disk Space40 GB40 GB

Caliber Game Rating And Players’ Reviews

As was mentioned above, the Caliber game is not as popular as other tactical shooters due to its recent entry on the market. Nevertheless, this game has a lot to offer. Players are satisfied with the game’s low system requirements and realistic sounds. Moreover, the third-person view that allows players to look around corners and use covers and the first-person view that is used for targeting contribute to an extremely immersive combat experience.

Most players that have tried playing Caliber, consider this game to be better suited to adults who have some prior first-person shooter expertise because this game still necessitates the use of fundamental aiming and shooting skills. As for visuals, they are considered average at best.

Games Like Caliber

If you happen to be a fan of Caliber game, you most definitely need to try playing one of the following alternatives:

  • World War 3
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Left Alive
  • Remnant: From the Ashes

How To Download The Game

To be able to enjoy exciting battles in Caliber it is not necessary to download the game. You can play it online for free on the official website of the game. However, if you still want to install the game on your PC, you may start downloading the CaliberSetup software by clicking the “Download Game” button. Start the installer, then adhere to its instructions. The game will use 40 GB of disk space after installation. Run the installer and press the “Play” button when it replaces the progress bar.

Once the game is successfully downloaded, you may create an account and start playing. So do not wait any longer, install the game today and emerge into the world of epic battles and unforgettable teamwork.


Where Can I Download Caliber?

You can download the game on the official Caliber website or just play it online.

What Are The System Requirements For Caliber Game?

You will find the list of recommended and minimal requirements for the game above in our Caliber review.

What Is The Price Of Caliber?

Both game play and download are absolutely free with optional in-game purchases.

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