Deadhaus Sonata Overview 2022

Deadhaus Sonata is a cross-platform action game with RPG elements from Apocalypse corporation. The game is unusual and interesting, equipped with 3D graphics and a lot of unexpected turns. Gamers are invited to visit the gothic world of Malorum after the apocalypse and feel themselves monsters that want to destroy the human race. You can go to the official website of the game and download it from there.

About Deadhaus Sonata In 2022

Deadhaus Sonata uses a Freemium model. The game in the horror genre attracts attention with its dynamism. Users will have to choose one of seven classes when creating a character (vampire, banshee, ghost, etc.) Thanks to a unique skill tree, players will develop specific abilities to explore the world and defeat enemies.

Deadhaus Sonata Release Date

Deadhaus Sonata release date was originally set for October 30, 2020, but the deadline has been postponed. It is still unknown when the developers will present the game to the public.

System Requirements

The system requirements are an important part of the game. Unfortunately, at the time of writing Deadhaus Sonata review, information about the parameters was not provided.

For PC

No information available.

For Xbox

No information available.

For Ps

No information available.

Gameplay And Key Features

The gameplay of Deadhaus Sonata focuses on battles with enemies. Battles take place in different locations, which increases interest in the project. During the confrontation with people, the character gains experience and combat skills, which is important for the successful passing of the game.

Play The Dead

Deadhaus Sonata Gameplay

Gamers are invited to play as the evil one, cleansing the world of Malorum from humans. The users have in their hands a blank book, which is to be filled with the history of long battles and the formation of the lineage of different guilds. To do this, you need to explore the twilight world with the gothic construction, developing abilities in Deadhaus Sonata.

Fast Paced Combat

Deadhaus Sonata Fast Paced Combat

There will be life-and-death battles for gamers. Who will be the winner on the battlefield: the devil or the human? It all depends on the reaction rate and other abilities of the character.

Endless Loot

Deadhaus Sonata Endless Loot

During the exploration of the world and after successful battles gamers can collect items to upgrade the character. Valuable artifacts, excellent weapons or unique armor will become the basis for improving the characteristics of the hero.

Take Initiative

Deadhaus Sonata Strategize

The gamers should take the initiative and strategize. But at the same time it is necessary to remember that every decision is able to turn the world upside down. Whether darkness will engulf the planet or the sun will shine – it all depends on the actions of the users.

Community Driven Content

Deadhaus Sonata Community

The community plays an important role in the game. According to the Deadhaus Sonata founders idea, users will be able to create their own weapons, ammunition, characters and many other things.

Player Co-op

Deadhaus Sonata Player Co-op

For a bright leisure in Deadhaus Sonata not only single-player, but also cooperative mode for 4 – 6 people is offered. Time will show how strong the army of players will be.

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Where To Buy Deadhaus Sonata

Players are invited to buy Deadhaus Sonata (support the development of the game) on the official website.

Deadhaus Sonata Final Thoughts

Deadhaus Sonata is a free-to-play game that will immediately grab your attention. In the past, gamers had to fight against evil creatures. Now they will try on the role of bloodthirsty monsters. Strength, agility and unprecedented strength will help them win.


Is Deadhaus Sonata Free?

Yes, the game is free to play. But you can donate if you want.

Which Platform Is Deadhaus Sonata Available On?

The game supports major platforms (PC, PS, Xbox).

Is Deadhaus Sonata A Multiplayer Game?

The game offers both single-player and multiplayer options.

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