Elvenar Review 2022

In the Elvenar game, you will find yourself in a mythical fantasy world. This is a fantasy city builder. Choose to play as either elves or humans. Your task as the ruler of the town is to help your people prosper. The elves have powerful magic, humans have medieval weaponry. 

What Is Elvenar

Many of us sit on the Internet and get stuck in different browser games out of boredom. What is elvenar? Amazing gameplay and structured game will not let you go even for a moment. Admiration and pleasure, that’s what you can get playing this game.

Main Story 

The wastelands turn into flowering valleys again, the world begins to prosper, like thousands of years ago. Ancient magical Relics, forgotten underground for thousands of years, appear on the surface and in countless Provinces surrounding your city, they can’t wait for you to collect them.

Graphics And Sound

Now let’s talk about graphics and sound. The graphics are very nice, the buildings and warriors are well drawn. You can even notice people moving around your city. The motion animation is also good. Listening to the soundtrack, you are immersed in this world. Calm and peaceful.

Elvenar Gameplay

Let’s start with the Elvenar game review: it is a free-to-play browser game where you build a thriving city and explore a magical world full of mysteries. You can explore the huge map of the world to gain the knowledge of wise ancestors and discover new technologies, trade or fight.

Combat System

In the elvenar gameplay, the troops will already be in their starting positions. Starting positions are determined by the order in which you selected the troops before entering the battle. It is your elvenar battle strategy.

Sometimes you will encounter obstacles (terrain) on the battlefield, so you will need to learn new combat tactics to reduce losses. If any troops can deal damage from afar, they can of course fight through obstacles, so take advantage of the situation on the battlefield. We can say this is a short elvenar fighting guide.

Combat System in Elvenar


By following Elvenar quests and reading its history, you realize that the lands of the old world of Elvenar were inhabited by many races… It was a place of prosperity and knowledge, where development reached unimaginable heights! But all races, except for Elves and Humans, have disappeared from the face of the world map.

Thanks to your research of new technologies and magical discoveries, your city grew and prospered, and your citizens became outstanding, wise and a little masters of magic. As a result of development, you found a way to visit other dimensions where the souls of the disappeared races live, and figured out a way to revive them.


Elvenar building guide: Buildings are the key to success in Elvenar. To build buildings, you need to open the construction menu by clicking on the menu button at the bottom of the screen. Buildings are sorted into different categories, you can select the desired building by going to the categories at the top of the building menu.

Buildings in Elvenar


The relics inherit a power said to hold the secrets of the world of Elvenar. The purpose of the relics in our time is still shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that they can be used as an increase in the productivity of your Factories, helping you build a more efficient economy. Secrets regarding relics will definitely be revealed in the near future, so keep collecting them!

Relics in Elvenar


There are 5 units available in Elvenar for each race, which you can unlock and train at the Barracks. Both races also share 10 units that can be researched and trained at the Training Ground and Mercenary Camp. Units of both races, Humans, and Elves, have equal strength, but slightly differ in tactical abilities.

Units in Elvenar have their own strengths and weaknesses in the fight against others. There are a total of 5 unit types in the game and based on this, the Combat Pentagon was created to serve as a hint for the players.

Armies in Elvenar


In the fantasy building game Elvenar, you are not alone. Numerous tribes of Elves and Humans live on a huge and seemingly endless map. You can visit them and see how their cities are developing.

Wise advisors will recommend how and with whom you can trade and how you can interact with neighbors to bring the city to prosperity.

Neighbors in Elvenar

Races in Elvenar

In Elvenar, you can choose your favorite race, Elves or Humans.Choose your race and lead your people into a new era by laying the foundation and building the city. Just the way you want it!

Elves simply breathe magic and live in inseparable harmony with nature.

Humans are a fast-growing, energetic, and purposeful race. When these inhabitants of the fantasy world decide something, they will certainly achieve it.

Races in Elvenar

Donations – Free To Play Or Pay To Win?

Donations can be used to obtain various power-ups and benefits. For example, buying diamonds after acquisition and using them speeds up the development process. If you don’t use a donation, the process can be a little slower. Sometimes players reach points where they cannot progress for a while due to time, resource, or gold limitations. Therefore, this game exists on an everyday level.

What Can You Do In Elvenar To Be Entertained?

  • Every year, many special events take place in Elvenar.
  • Tournament events will take place every week in your resolved provinces of the same type. The tournament type will change weekly. More information can be found in the elvenar tournament guide on the official website.
  • Trials is a game mini-event that will be available from time to time. 
  • Alliance Adventure is a multiplayer tournament in Elvenar. 
  • You will be able to enter the Spire of Eternity from Sunday to Friday. 

Game Detail

Since this is a browser game for PC, it is suitable for almost all computers. In order to play Elvenar, you need to go to the official website of the game and register. Registration will take no more than a minute, after which you will start creating your city.


Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating systemWindows 7 64-bitWindows 7/8/10 64-bit
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHzIntel Pentium Dual Core E6500K 2.93 GHz
HDD1 Гб on hard drive5 Гб on hard drive
Video cardGeForce 8600GeForce GTX 750

Elvenar Community

There is a large forum where you can discuss the game and elvenar guide with other players. On the forums, you can find tips from older players that will help make the game easier. New allies or enemies, depend only on you. Joining the community is quite easy, just register, and you are already on the forum.

Try Playing Elvenar Right Now

Play, have fun, share your achievements with friends.

Games Like Elvenar

Elvenar is a unique game because behind the typical simulator hides a big world and lore, which is very interesting to explore. If we talk about similar games, these will be King Arthur’s Sword and Stronghold Kingdoms.

These games are reminiscent of the mechanics and originality of Elvenar.

The Verdict

Plot. Well, more precisely, it is aimed at increasing and developing your state, your monarchy, and your empire . Choose for yourself. You can develop different aspects of the state: culture, production, military affairs, trade and much more.

Pretty interesting game. Perhaps I even advise you to play it.


How Do You Play Elvenar?

Registering on the Elvenar website is one of the easiest and fastest steps on the Internet. To create an account, you only need to come up with a name and password, as well as enter an email address. However, you may not even need mail, because you can register using an account of one of the social networks.

Does Elvenar Cost Money?

The game is completely free to access with your favorite web browser. There are no available subscriptions within the game. Just play.

Should I Really Spend My Time Playing Elvenar?

Of course, yes, and this will not be a waste of time, as you will not only be able to have fun, but also will move your brains. And this is a rarity for modern games.

Is Elvenar Down?

Of course not, the game is updated a couple of times a month, constantly attracting new players. Updates also lure old players who want new stuff. So no – Elvenar Is not Down.

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