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Town of Sins is a free-to-play browser-based online video game for adults developed by Hooligapps and launched in 2020 for PC.

If you are searching for an unusual RPG strategy game, our Town of Sins review will be useful for you. Read to the end and find out more about the gameplay, characters, and system requirements of the game.

Town of Sins Gameplay

Town of Sins gameplay combines two genres – card game and turn-based strategy. You’ll never be bored with over 400 different cards, and new cards are added every month. Each of the ladies is more than a card. Every one of them carries at least five secret combo strikes.

The Aim Of The Game

When playing the game, you control the main character – a reckless reveler who, after another loud party, ends up in the city in the middle of nowhere. The main goal is to turn a quiet city into a town of sins and a place of constant revelry. You must build a deck of cards comprised of characters and items as you progress through the story. To supercharge specific characters and items, you need to combine them. Each card in play must attend school to learn powerful transformations that will help you to triumph in battle and conquer each district in town one by one.

Game Plot And Characters

There are girls for whose attention you will fight and local guys with whom you will compete. The Town of Sins plot is driven by card fights. In the beginning, you receive a deck of cards, each of which provides its own indicators of health and attack, passive abilities, and other features. Every card presents a Character or an Item. With the right combination of cards, you get strong combos. The card fights are provided according to the basic rules of KKI. Players take turns placing their cards on the table.

Characters are cards that depict girls of various occupations or types. They can be common, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic in rarity. During the battle, you can combine a Character and an Item card to create a more powerful combo.

Game Modes

Town of Sins is a multiplayer game with a deep combat system that allows you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind combat experience with numerous combinations. The game includes an arena where you can compete with other players for the coolest prizes, including epic and legendary cards to strengthen your deck.

Looking for a less intense card battle experience? The Town of Sins game has an excellent auto-battle system with speed controls.

Main Plot Of The Game

The story of the game begins when the main character, by chance, ends up in a provincial town with “Malvins”. A couple of girls ride in the car with the hero. They arrive in the city and realize that they cannot have fun and relax here because the residents are modest. Therefore, he should build an “amusement park”.

The game’s battles are fought with cards. The goal of the battle is to assassinate the commander of the opposing army. In battle, you can use 20 or more cards. The best strategy, however, is to build an army of exactly 20 cards. Indeed, the larger the army, the less likely you are to draw the card you require during battle. The outcome of the battle is heavily influenced by how many Combos you have researched in the Workshop. Keep in mind that the Combos are what give you the advantage!

In the game, there are four types of cards – Characters, Combos, Items, and Residents.

Town of Sins In-Game Purchases

Town of Sins is a free-to-play game. However, the game provides the possibility to use real money for microtransactions. The Combo Booster is the most important purchase you should make right away. It will stick with you for the duration of the game and will cut the required investigation time in half. You should also consider purchasing the Adventure Energy Enhancer and the starter Hero Pack.

In-Game Currency And What To Use It For

Players investigate possible Combos (two-card combinations of Character and Item cards) for their cards in the Workshop section. Knowing all the Combos is essential for victory in battle. You have three Workshops at your disposal to investigate three Combos simultaneously. The first is free, and the other two are available for purchase. The fourth Workshop in the Workshop section is for improving existing Combos. This is a reasonably priced Workshop. You should only purchase it once you have access to the Crusades section. Combo Upgrade Stones for use in the Fourth Workshop can be obtained in the Crusades section.

Town of Sins offers Bucks and Viagra as in-game currencies. Bucks are necessary for the combination study. The Arena is your primary source of Bucks.

Viagra is a virtual currency that is used for character development. If you are a beginner, you can get Viagra only by opening a 12-hour chest. The amount of Viagra you can get depends on your current game rating. When you pass to the end of at least one stage of the story campaign, you can earn Viagra in another way.

Loot Boxes And Rewards

The Town of Sins does not provide loot boxes, but various rewards exist. Throughout the game, your character changes levels, and when you move to a new stage, you receive rewards such as upgrading cards, extra points, buying packs, researching combos, etc.

BP is a seasonal game activity that allows you to earn points, progress through game levels, and get generous rewards such as in-game currencies, cards, and a powerful MYTHIC card. BP Points can be earned by completing daily quests or by purchasing items from the Store.

In addition, you will receive valuable rewards for completing each stage of Golden BP.

Where To Play Town of Sins

You can play the Town of Sins game online on any PC that runs on Windows 7+. As the game is web-based, you may access it on the official site of the game as well as on the website of its developer. Moreover, multiple legit and licensed platforms that distribute online video games (Steam) provide free access to the game. The only requirement is to create an account. 

Since the game is available only on PC, there is no cross-play option.

System Requirements

The main game system requirements for PC are the following :

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0GHz or AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ 2.0GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HDD: 1 GB

Town of Sins Game Rating And Players’ Reviews

Most players note high-quality art visuals that are typical for 18+ games, a vast collection of detailed cards with attractive girls and unique game events that provide players with numerous rewards. However, users complain about the character development system, which requires a thorough study of multiple combinations that may take from 8 to 32 hours.

Games Like Town of Sins

If you are looking for an alternative to Town of Sins game, pay attention to the following games:

  • Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft
  • Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project
  • Harald: A Game of Influence
  • Uncharted: Fight For Fortune

How To Download The Game

Town of Sins is a browser-based game that players can enjoy online. So, there is no necessity to download it to your PC. To avoid scams, it is better to play the game on verified resources such as Steam and the official website of the game’s developer – Hooligapps. It is so easy to start playing Town of Sins today. Just choose a licensed platform that grants access to the game, click “Play Now”, and enjoy the game.


Where Can I Download Town of Sins?

Town of Sins game is a browser-based game that does not need to be downloaded. You can play it online for free using the game’s website or any other legit video game distribution platform.

What Are The System Requirements For Town of Sins Game?

You will find the list of the necessary system requirements above.

What Is The Price Of Town of Sins?

There is no game download price because Town of Sins is free-to-play.

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