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Travian Legends is a web-based strategy MMORTS game for your PC that is modelled on the military heritage of Classical Greece and Rome. It was launched by Travian Games GmbH back in 2004 and since then has gathered millions of gamers worldwide. Come up with your own strategy, collect and trade resources and turn a small village into a powerful empire.

Go through our Travian Legends review and discover the main features and mechanics of the game and determine whether it is safe or a scam.

Travian Legends Gameplay 

Travian Legends gameplay allows you to immerse in the era of ancient history. You start a game as the leader of a small, undeveloped community surrounded by untapped resource fields. As the development of the fields progresses, you may collect more resources. New buildings can be built in the village, while older ones can be improved. In addition, you will be able to engage in battles with other players.

The Aim Of The Game

The main objective of Travian Legends is to develop your village into a town and then turn it into the grand empire. You will be able to conquer the settlements of other players along the way. The Travian universe allows you to explore countless areas so that you can find resource oases, claim them, and double your output. The more villages you control, the more points you get to improve your position in the rankings. Thus, become a powerful ruler of your own empire and take your place among the champions on the leaderboard.

Game Plot And Characters

Conflict roils Travian’s virtual world. While attempting to rule their world, three tribes—the Romans, Teutons, and Gauls—compete for resources and land. 

To participate in a game, you must first register by entering your email address, choosing a username, and setting a password. At the initial stages of the Travian Legends game, you will need to choose one of the tribes.

After picking your tribe, you will need to select a section of the map where you will play. You can access a tutorial after logging in that leads you through various game mechanics and offers rewards for accomplishment.

Game Modes

Vacation mode can be turned on in the settings by players who need to take a break from the game for whatever reason. Depending on the server’s performance, the longest period during which players can be away is 15 days, and the shortest – is 1 day.

Moreover, players can do offensive and defensive analyses in the Battle Simulator mode. Based on the set parameters, it can simulate the battle’s most probable result and allow you to consider adding more troops, raising their levels, or introducing specific units.

Remember that Travian Legends is a massively multiplayer game which allows you to play with your friends as well as with players simultaneously. In addition, gamers may spice up their playing experience by participating in PvP battles.

Main Plot Of The Game 

Travian Legends gameplay allows players to select a tribe, begin with a modest town, and work to build a prosperous community through shrewd economic planning, trading with other players, and protracted conflicts for strategic resources, villages, and locations.

Resources are used to build villages and training facilities. Their output can be raised by improving the fields and seizing neighbouring oases. In Travian, there are four different types of resources: wood, clay, iron, and crops. Other settlements can be raided by troops to steal resources.

The 22 building slots in the village center can be used to construct and upgrade buildings. The Travian Legends game offers a fully outfitted hero who goes on quests, gathers resources, and aids in the growth of your village. You may customize your hero by equipping it with new items, adding statistics, choosing whether it will stay on the battlefield or flee to its lair during the siege, and other features.

Travian Legends In-Game Purchases

The Travian Legends game is legit and completely free, which means that you will be able to register an account and play it on your device without spending any funds. However, for those players who want to advance in the game quickly, game developers propose microtransactions which allow them to buy premium currency and spend it on in-game items.

In-Game Currency And What To Use It For

In Travian Legends, the premium virtual currency is Golden Coins. They facilitate gameplay development as they may be used to increase the speed of the village building and gathering resources. Even though Travian Legends features in-game purchases, it is not a pay-to-win game.

Additionally, players may get Silver Coins by selling items at the auction. Players may obtain 1 Golden Coin by converting 200 Silver Coins. If you fail to collect Silver Coins or complete daily quests, you can always purchase Golden Coins with real money.

Loot Boxes and Rewards

The Travian Legends game has a unique reward system that enables you to finish daily tasks and participate in tournaments. By completing them, you can earn unique points that can be swapped for resources, hero experience, and cultural points, all of which are precious rewards. The growth of your hamlet will undoubtedly be accelerated by these awards.

Where To Play Travian Legends

Travian Legends is a browser-based game which means that you will be able to play it on any PC that has access to the Internet and modern browsers. You may visit the official website of the game, create and then log into your personal account using a username and password.

System Requirements

Since it is a browser-based game, you will only need to have an up-to-date web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Also, it is recommended to use a PC with Windows 8 operating system or higher.

Travian Legends Game Rating And Players’ Reviews

Our team of dedicated gamers have thoroughly analyzed the Travian Legends reviews posted on various reputable review platforms. We can say with confidence that the majority of players like the game due to its engaging gameplay, a reward system that is tied to the daily quests and high-quality visuals and sound effects. At the same time, they note that the game’s interface is a bit outdated. Besides, raid planning requires a thorough approach that, in turn, is time-consuming. 

Games Like Travian Legends

If you are passionate about strategy empire-building games, then you should try the following alternatives: 

  • Clash of Clans
  • Empire
  • Stormfall: Age of War
  • Game of Emperors
  • Dark Age Wars

How To Download The Game

To start playing the Travian Legends game, you do not necessarily need to download it. You should only go to the main website of the game and complete the registration process. However, if you still want to download a game, you need to visit the official game developer’s site or a safe video game digital distribution platform and initiate the game download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Download Travian Legends?

You may get access to the game on the official game website.

What Are The System Requirements For Travian Legends Game?

Since the game is web-based, all you need is a PC that runs on a system version that is not older than Windows 8 and a solid Internet connection.

What Is The Price Of Travian Legends?

Travian Legends is a completely free game for PC owners.

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